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Cool New Tech Toys

cool new tech toys

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So i gimped school today. (I didn't mean to honestly.) -.-

I sorta fell asleep after sarah called and said i didn't have to come cause ms. Perusso wasn't there today. And, magically i woke up at 2 oclock.

Skipping school IS NOT COOL.
Dont fucking do it.

Unless its HSA week and you know garuntee that you're not going to do anything in class.

No but seriously dont skip school.

I got a letter in the mail today basically saying that I've been absent way too much, which, is bull, since I had the flu that entire week. I even made the effort to actually come to school while i was sick. Do they realize how hard that is to do? I can even prove that i was sick damnit. Just ask all the people who suddenly got sick after i either coughed touched sat or had sex with them...

Later today me and my mom went to go visit my Auto-tech teacher today about.. the car.
He had a migraine and failed to call me about it. What a nigger. I'll bring him imitrix next time i see him.

BUT THE MAIN TOPIC and only reason why im doing this blog is because,


I cannot comprehend why Treyarch even tries to compete with Infinity Ward. Like oh my god. Seriously. Its EXACTLY like playing Call of Duty 2. Except, maybe worse. (Mind you, Call of Duty 2 came out like forever years ago too, and was made by infinity ward) So basically, Infinity ward was completely ahead of their time.

But fuck seriously. Can you guys just quit? Quit life? Kill yourselves? All that hard work(?) for this? You semi had my hopes up, that this would be an upgrade from Modern Warfare, the current pinnacle of godly FPS. (Aside from Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament and Halo 2) Instead, YOU FUCKING BUSTED MY BALLS MAN. Really, usually when you make a sequel, It's supposed to be an upgrade, Not a total downgrade.

I swear this piece of shovelware needs to be burned. Cause i know that;
A: Everybody will buy it, and play it simply because its new, and then COD4 will soon be empty cause all the fags are playing COD5.

B: Treyarch is the ANTI-PWN.

Animation of characters reminds me of Counterstrike. AKA, 1998 movements.
Textures; What textures? I see their trying to make some sort of gears of war type of color pallete and all but dudeee. Theres a point where you have so much SHIT going on in your poor level design that you cant make out anything else. Everything and body turns into a blur. Nothing is defined at all. I feel like im playing in a garbage dump 24/7. And i KNOW its a fucking warzone. But that doesn't stop other hardcore war-games from being beautiful.
I dont even remember what levels i was playing on, thats how un-memorable they are.
The Guns, yeah its world war 2, but really they dont look different or defined one bit.

It's a beta. BUT BETAS ARE NOT THIS BAD. Halo 3 beta was amazing. God what do you expect to fix in the 11 days you gave yourself for testing? theres frame skipping, the crouch does not work most of the time, i have NO idea how to stop sprinting besides performing some kind of cancel function, and on top of that you dont even give me time to create a fucking class! How hard is it to make a lobby system? Then theres the Menu system. Would it have killed them to stick to the modern warfare system... honestly. Even when you change resolutions it stays the same, giant, clunky interface sort of list thing. They even made alot of the icons for perks and things the same color, so you cant distinguish any of them! To make matters worse, Even the HUD is frickin insanely Ugly.

It has it. But all the guns sound alike, explosions i fail to care about, and the chatter of allies and players can get downright annoying. It's not like modern warfare, where they actually HELP you, like, GRENADE! and, UAV IS ONLINE. Its just random jibber jabber in MULTIFUCKINGPLAYER. I would understand in campaign, but multiplayer? i dont need to hear pre-scripted over and over DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! or KILL THOSE JAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you can hear it from across the map constantly. Voice acting is terrible. And the Dogs They have 2 sounds, which are played repetively, the entire time that they are out. woof and woof Over and over in your head.
Plus, maybe i just realized this, but there is absolutely no bass, heartpounding sound in this game. EVERYTHING sounds like a friggin toy. Even the damn tank. I expect that when im standing next to a firing tank i feel it to some extent. But my camera fails to move even.

Where do i start
I think the part that irritated me most was the weapons. They all do the same thing, basically do the same amount of damage to all players, and so it doesn't really matter which one you have. It will kill something the same way any other gun will. Online, its impossible to find any servers with under 100 ping, which is a huge let down.

Time Sink

Time Sink

Well, I've spent a large chunk of today putting my nice shiny new lappy together (software-wise, at least). It's now a fully-functional multimedia beasty with PS CS3, LR 2.2, Sony Vegas 8.0c, etc etc. The storage for much opf this stuff is actually one of the NAS boxen on our network, and waiting for things to install over the wire's been the bulk of the day's effort (or lack thereof).

Still, nothing's blown up (yet).

And it's still shiny.

And if I touch it just right, it lets me in..... (fingerprint readers are so cool :))))

cool new tech toys

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